Nicholas Seidner

Utilitarian Stoneware Pottery

Nicholas received a B.F.A. from the New York State School of Ceramics at Alfred University in 1992 and completed a variety of residency programs at institutions such as; The Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana and Pewabic Pottery in Detroit, Michigan.

Nicholas and his wife, Diane Rosenmiller, established their pottery in Middletown Springs, Vermont in 1998. The completion of a gas fired salt/soda kiln at Rising Meadow Pottery in 2000 began an on going examination of form, glaze and the firing process. Nicholas has always thought of kilns as partners in the creative process, especially the ones that offer atmospheric effects. The option to leave portions of the pots unglazed and to allow the vapor glaze to respond to the clay surface or to the glazed ware in unpredictable ways gives each individual pot a life of its own.

As a result of living in a geologically rich and diverse region, Nicholas enjoys tracking down and testing local raw materials for glaze ingredients. One such material is slate that is collected from stone cutting settling ponds in Granville, N.Y. Once sieved, to remove coarse particles, the slate slip is allowed to dry and is then ready to be weighed out for glaze formulas. The use of noncommercial processed local raw materials is something that speaks about the geology, the landscape and his natural environment.