Diane Rosenmiller

Hand Thrown Utilitarian Pottery

Diane’s passion for making pots began in high school and as a result she found herself spending too much time in the “pot shop” while pursuing a science degree at Juniata College. She transferred to The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University where she received a B.F.A. in 1992. After graduating school Diane was able to develop her work and teaching skills while pursuing resident artist positions at well known facilities like; The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, and The Archie Bray Foundation. It was a resident potter position at The Frog Hollow Craft Center in Manchester that brought her and her husband, Nick Seidner, to Vermont. They settled in quiet Middletown Springs where they established Rising Meadow Pottery in 1998. There they have studios, a gallery and a teaching facility.

Diane’s salt/soda porcelain pots are predominantly thrown on the potters’ wheel and then altered at various stages of clay consistency. Her fine porcelain clay makes it possible to stamp and carve the pots with clean lines. Diane’s generous use of volume creates interesting containers for food, drink or flowers. Her forms take shape from diverse sources. A love for the growing season and gardening feeds Diane’s creativity by the observations of plants and their changing shapes. The influence of historic medieval Asian pottery from the Chinese Sung and Korean Koryo dynasties inspire Diane to try to capture the grace and beauty of these vessels.

Diane believes potters are lucky because they have the potential ability to add joy to someone’s life with a hand, head and heart made pot. Knowing that her pots are finding their way into people’s kitchens and that they are playing a role in the rituals and routines of eating and living is very satisfying.